“Dance Moms” FINAL Season Trailer Released!

The End?!

Dance Moms has been one of Lifetime’s most successful series since it premiered in 2011, and the word on the street is that the show is coming to an end after seven seasons. With the trailer for the second half of the seventh season released yesterday, it looks like fans will get a glimpse into the girls last days at the ALDC and Abby preparing for her time in prison.

Even with Abby absent, the drama continues to turn up with replacement coach Laurie-Ann Gibson taking over, but not everyone is happy with this coach’s energetic and over-the-top personality.

A few familiar faces will be returning this season including original cast members Chloe and Christi Lukasiak, who’s return REALLY amps up the drama! Another celebrity in the dance world, Cheryl Burke joins the cast later in the season to officially replace Abby Lee Miller.

With multiple physical altercations and A LOT of twists and turns, this season may be the best yet. Check out the super trailer for the new season below:

Even though this is not confirmed as the final season of the show, as you can see in the trailer it makes it pretty clear that the end is near,  at least with this particular cast.

We’re SO excited for the new season and stay tuned to our site for Dance Moms exclusives and more!