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EXCLUSIVE: Watch What Crappens Ben Mandelker Talks Do The D’Agostino- “We Hope LuAnn Will Be Cool”

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We absolutely adore the Watch What Crappens Podcast starring Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam which hilariously recaps Bravo shows and has us consistently cracking up. Recently, the duo released a song on iTunes that they debuted on last week’s recap of The Real Housewives of New York City entitled Do The D’Agostino. The song, which is a parody of a LuAnn D’Agostino song, is a hysterical must-listen for any RHONY fan. We recently got the chance to talk with Mandelker about the inspiration behind the song and what he thinks LuAnn will think of the song. Read on to see what he shared.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch What Crappens Ben Mandelker Talks Do The D’Agostino- “We Hope LuAnn Will Be Cool”

“Well, LuAnn is a personal hero to me,” Mandelker began with sharing. “A goddess if you will – and I just felt her wedding episode deserved a musical tribute. Also, it was a great way to procrastinate from my real everyday responsibilities.”

“I made the music the day before,” he continued, “but forgot to put vocals on it until 25 minutes before the podcast; so I kind of put the lyrics together on the fly.  That’s why there’s some weird stuff in there like Bethenny asking ‘What is this? Tuba night?’  Barely makes sense some of it.”

“We do songs every so often – it’s so fun,” he elaborated. “I love tooling around in Garageband, and Ronnie is actually very musical – he used to perform in an improv opera thing; so we will certainly be “dropping’ more singles.”

And what does he think LuAnn will think?

“as for LuAnn – she is an enigma,” Mandelker dished. “Part of me thinks she’ll love it and dance alone to it while she slow cooks her eggs à la français, but then again you never know with her: she may be totally unamused.”

“We just want her to be cool, not uncool,” he wrapped with telling us.

We appreciate Mandelker taking the time to talk about the song with us and if you haven’t  done so already, head over to iTunes to purchase it.

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