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EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Franzese Talks The Winston Box, If We’ll See More Looking, and More

Exclusive Interview!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Daniel Franzese from Mean Girls, to Looking, to his LGBTQ advocacy, and more. Recently, Franzese teamed up with The Winston Box as a Creative Director and co-owner. The Winston Box is described as “a monthly subscription service catering exclusively to the plus size, or big and tall man.” I got the chance to talk about The Winston Box and other subjects- including Looking and the possibility of it returning- with Franzese. Read on to see what he shared.

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Franzese Talks The Winston Box, If We’ll See More Looking, and More

On what inspired him to become a creative director/co-owner of The Winston Box, Franzese told me that, “I was on Facebook late one night and saw an ad for the service. I thought it was one of the most brilliant things I ever heard of I couldn’t believe that they were designing their own clothes. I did see some room for improvement and I knew that my impact could be really helpful to them and we can make a something incredible. We met and it was like fireworks. my partners are awesome people with keen business sense and huge hearts. The intention is to make sure menswear is accessible to all people regardless of size.”

So why does he feel overweight men are judged, especially in the gay community? Franzese detailed that, “So much in the gay community is surrounded around sex. I think there’s some sort of myth that bigger dudes aren’t good in bed or can’t move well. That’s the thing. Clearly my fiancé doesn’t complain. We are seeing big boys cut it up on the dance floor now. Beards are in. Big boys are sexy now. there’s all this talk about no fats no fems and racist profiles. The real men? The good men. They are sick of all that. It’s punk to be with a big dude now. We are taking over.”

I then asked if he hopes products like The Winston Box will offset this, to which he shared, “Yes. 100% absolutely. I have never been more comfortable in my clothing. Confidence starts when you wake up in the morning and face yourself in the mirror and it builds from there. If a person is comfortable they they can get the job or the girl or the guy or the part. You can focus on the task at hand if they aren’t worried about how they look to struggling with a neckline or waistline that’s too tight.”

And what has the response to The Winston Box been so far? Franzese shared that, “Gangbusters. We as large people never get the chance to have something like this that is just made for us. In the way that FuBu was a breakthrough for African-American people, we are saying to our above average sized members- this is for you. We made this just for you. I know how that feels so special because I felt that way when I saw The Winston Box ad. I sat up straight and said ‘Oh My God, someone finally did it’ and I had to be a part of it.”

Of course I couldn’t help inquiring about the question that fans of HBO’s Looking are still asking, even after the movie- namely, will there be more installments of Looking?

“I could only hope,” Franzese dished. “I love those people so much.”

“I’m doing stand up all of the place. I’m writing an Hour comedy special and have a bunch of other stuff up my sleeve of my Winston shirt. I will always be starting new projects,” Franzese wrapped with sharing. “Just wait a few months and there will be more surprises I’m sure. I surprise myself.”

I, for one, cannot wait to see what other exciting things Franzese continues to work on and will be sure to update you on them as he unveils them.