In Bed With The Real Housewives

In Bed With The Real Housewives

[Disclosure: Post in collaboration with Blue Note Marketing- Written by Noah Sparrow]

In Bed With the Real Housewives

One of the many, many things I adore about watching the Real Housewives is the feeling of being transported into a realm of unrivalled luxury, luscious lifestyles and high end (and sometimes very much, low end…) fashion. Preparation for catching up with The Wives requires regimental organisation- assorted snacks? Check. Bottle of pinot within arm’s reach? Check. Comfy bed… Erm, not so much. Once upon a long time ago, when I leapt into bed, giddy with excitement for the latest episode of Real Housewives I felt like I was being cocooned in a marshmallow, but I’ve had my bed for quite some time now, and besides no longer being the perfect perch from which to watch my favourite shows, it’s also getting a tad depressing seeing all the Wives’ A-MAZ-ING beds then having to snuggle into my less than luxurious bed. This is why I find myself on the quest to find the perfect luxury, yet within budget, bed from which to catch up on my favourite Real Housewife ladies.

TV At the Flick of a Switch

Obviously, A TV bed is at the top of my wish list. Luxurious and practical, these TV beds are certainly on trend and I could definitely see myself camped out all evening watching my favourite shows in one of these bad boys. A quick online search brought me to the Bedstar who offer very affordable beds in all styles and their TV beds starts from as low as £350. In the slightly more expensive models the TV can also be hidden away when not in use! Although I’m not entirely sure when that scenario is meant to occur, seeing your TV appear automatically could feel like watching the curtains open in the cinema.

Velvet Beds

I love the idea of a velvet bed, and am not ashamed to admit that the idea of draping myself over a velvet bed while watching The Real Housewives Wives would make me feel very Countess-like indeed. Velvet beds are very much en vogue this season, and it could be said this is due to the rise in popularity of show such as the Real Housewives, as we seek to emulate their glamourous homes. I particularly love the chesterfield style headboards with the diamante finish for the ultimate in bedroom luxury design.

Four Poster Beds

Perhaps I am beginning to get ideas above my station, but I am convinced I deserve a four poster bed. Am I not a princess after all? I am enthralled by romance of a four poster bed, and there are many modern versions around these days that will ensure I feel less like a wife of King Henry VIII and more like an on-trend follower of the latest bedroom fashions. There can be no harm in drawing on the past for inspiration and keeping it contemporary with a white or black four poster bed will prevent me from feeling like I’ve gone a little too retro.

And this is where my search for the perfect bed has led me so far. If any fellow Real Housewives fans have any other ideas or tips about how to enjoy the shows from the comfort of my bed, I’d be very happy to hear them!