Danni Roundtree Memoirs

Danii Roundtree- Memoirs Album Review

It’s Eclectic!

I love getting the chance to check out new music and thus was very excited to get the chance to check out Danii Roundtree‘s new album, Memoirs, which comes out this summer. While her style is jazz- which isn’t my typical go to selection- she was garnering comparisons to Amy Winehouse, so that had me even more excited, as Winehouse is one of my favorite artists of all time. So how did the album hold up?

Danii Roundtree- Memoirs Album Review

The album opens with “My Man,” a track that immediately had me bopping my head along. I loved when she starts the song singing about how her Mom hates her man, but he’s the man for her, as it immediately got me wanting to see where the song would go. Vocally I could hear hints of Winehouse’s voice in hers, although based on a first listen, she had more hues of early Diana Ross than Winehouse (which, in my opinion, is still a compliment).

“Magic,” which appears later on the album, keeps up the jazzy nature of the songs, but had a slower tempo than “My Man.” Aside from the fact that I could definitely hear more of the Winehouse-type sound here (which was great), the song had really neat background echoes and clips that definitely keep the listener intrigued.

“Crave,” which is the first single, is another great track. It features a slow, jazzy tempo again, and definitely reminded me of a 60’s Motown Supremes-esque song. Check it out h here:

Other tracks on the album include “Karma,’ here Roundtree’s vocal range is completely showed off, and the funky “Caroline.”

Overall, with Memoirs, Roundtree has created an eclectic album that definitely deserves to be listened to. Make sure to check it out.