Kelly dodd Nose Job

Kelly Dodd Involved In Huge Fight on July 4th!

OC Fireworks!

Kelly Dodd is known on The Real Housewives of Orange County for speaking her mind and NEVER backing down, and that’s exactly what she did on Tuesday.

According to TMZ, “she [Kelly] was partying with some girlfriends at Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island when a random guy tried stealing her drinks as well as her sunglasses and purse.”

“…she confronted him, and that’s when he got physical and punched her in the stomach. She countered with a kick” TMZ continued.

TMZ wrapped up by stating that the man was escorted out by security and obviously kicked out of the party. Apparently, that didn’t stop him though and he did try to come back.

The article did say that the cops were NOT called and it sounds like the situation eventually boiled over.

We’re glad to hear everyone is OK and hope that this didn’t ruin Kelly’s entire holiday.