Ashley Darby Separation

Ashley Darby Talks Separation And “Emotional Rollercoaster” Leading Up To It

An Emotional Rollercoaster!

As we reported earlier today, Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby shocked fans when she announced on the reunion last night that her and her husband, Michael, are separated (read about that here). Ashley spoke with People today about the separation. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Ashley Darby Separation Emotional Rollercoaster

Ashley detailed that her and her husband have been separated since February, but stated that, ““He’s my person. We’re taking the time to evaluate exactly what we expect from our relationship and if both of us can give each other what we need. We still really care about each other, so the foundation is there. It’s just a matter of repairing some of the faults in the foundation.”

“It took me this long to talk about it because I wanted to deal with it in private,” she addd, “since it was something that I wasn’t really comfortable with or sure how to explain at first.”

Ashley also spoke about the restaurant they ran together being a main culprit of their issues, noting that, “It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. All the trials and tribulations one goes through with opening a new business? It was challenging. It took a toll on me personally and on our marriage. Being in business with your spouse is certainly not for the faint of heart.”

In addition, Ashley stated that, ““Relationships take a lot of work, especially when you have tribulation. And if you feel there’s an inkling of possibility, it’s worth investing your time to see if you can make it work. I would much rather take the time to see if its possible for us both to be happy. I can’t just throw it away because I’m connected to [Michael] in a way I can’t explain or put into words or even fully understand myself.”

We hope that whether they decide to stay together or eventually get divorced, they go with what is best for them.

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