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Thomas Ravenel Slams Castmates In Explosive Instagram Post

Explosive Post!

Being on reality television isn’t always easy, as it comes with its share of criticism from lots of different places which can definitely be challenging to deal with. Recently, Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel took to Instagram to sound off on a blogger and his castmates. Read on for details.

Thomas Ravenel Slams Castmates In Explosive Instagram Post

In the post, Ravenel wrote, “It’s pretty pathetic when my castmates follow and support a blogger who spreads lies about me and is dedicated to my ruination.”

“Very disappointing,” he continued. “If I never talk to these a**holes again I’ll be perfectly fine.”

“None are even from Charleston,” he added.

Ravenel also slammed critics claiming he wants to be a celeb- and Bravo- in the comments, writing that, “I don’t want to be a celebrity. I want anonymity and not to be maligned by an evil blogger or have Bravo portray me as an evil abortionist. Is that way too much to ask?”

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