Little Women Couples Retreat

EXCLUSIVE: Counselor Hassani Pettiford Shares Thoughts On Little Women Couples Retreat


Tonight, Lifetime’s Little Women Couples Retreat premieres, and we have below an exclusive blog from counselor Hassani Pettiford who is on the show. See what he had to say about it below.

EXCLUSIVE: Counselor Hassani Pettiford Shares Thoughts On Little Women Couples Retreat

The Little Women Couples Retreat series is a ‘necessary good’ that has been missing from television for quite some time and is finally upon us. As a Marriage Coach and Infidelity Recovery Specialist, I am very selective with what projects I align myself with. I want to ensure that a positive and penetrating message is left for both the participants of the show and its viewers. Lifetime hit the bulls-eye with this Little Women’s spin-off show.

Each couple brings a unique element to the show that provides a perfect blend of edutainment (education and entertainment). The 8-episode series will take you on a journey of emotional highs and lows that will allow you to connect with each couple. Some of the cast members will tug at your heart while others may make your blood boil. In the end, a form of redemption is found with each couple.

If you are single, dating, in a committed courtship, engaged or married, Little Women Couples Retreat is for you. It explores a host of diverse issues ranging from commitment issues, infidelity, unforgiveness, passive-aggressive behavior, in-law challenges, parenting, financial woes, sexual problems and a host of other issues.

The cast was a blast to work with. Each couple brought their own individuality which contributed to the overall flavor to the show. LA’s Tonya and Kerwin, Briana and Matt, and Christy and Todd, joined Atlanta’s Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda and their boyfriends Chris and Jordan. The cast was then made complete once New York’s Lila and Brian, and Jazmin and David arrived to meet me at the resort.

Everyone seemed genuinely excited about what the retreat had to offer. The challenge for me, as a relationship guide, was successfully managing the drama between each couple as well as the mounting drama between certain cast members within the group. Even though the journey endured its occasional turbulence, the overall trip was full of experiential learning, group exercises, adventurous excursions, romantic gestures, uncontrollable laughter, and fun-filled times. Get ready for an amazing journey as you tune-in weekly to watch The Little Women Couples Retreat on Lifetime at 9pm every Wednesday.

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