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Tamra Judge- I Tried To Protect Vicki From Getting Hurt

A Good Friend!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has taken to her Bravo blog this week to discuss her relationship with Vicki Gunvalson, who she used to be close with, but has had a tumultuous relationship with now for quite some time. What did Judge have to say about Gunvalson? Read on for details.

Tamra Judge- I Tried To Protect Vicki From Getting Hurt

In her blog, Judge wrote, “Vicki claims she’s a ‘bad judge of character.’ She’s merging her company and needs help staffing because she so often gets taken advantage of…really? She then goes on to put me in the same category as Brooks, as people who have done her wrong. Are you kidding me?”

“What have I ever done to Vicki?” Judge continued. “Other than call her out for her disgusting lies, I was a good friend – I warned her about Brooks and she wouldn’t listen. I tried to protect her from getting hurt. Is it too much for her to admit that I was right? I was nothing but a good friend. I’m happy to say I DON’T have a bad judge of character OR a delusional relationship with the TRUTH!”

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