Farrahs Mom New Song

Farrah’s Mom Releases New Song Aimed At Michael

Debz OG Returns!

While Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham‘s Mom is no stranger to releasing music (read more here), Farrah’s Mom Debra Danielsen recently released a new song entitled 22X that seem to be aimed at her ex-husband, Michael. Read on for details.

Farrah’s Mom Releases New Song Aimed At Michael

In the song- which can be viewed below- Debra  doesn’t do much rapping. Instead, guest rapper Money Carson does the majority of the rapping.

Debra does, however, come in at the end to state:

“You are an emotional arsonist
It began with you
It just broke
And now the fire’s huge
You have a responsibility to help
Make love heal
Years lost
Time ticking
Does it ever end?”

Carson’s parts definitely seemed aimed at Michael as well, as he raps:

“The parents can’t get it right, what about the kids?
What mom supposed to say
When they askin’ where daddy is?
They askin’ why daddy left.”

Check out the song here and make sure to let us know what you think of the latest DebzOG track.