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Brandi Redmond- I’m Sorry I Didn’t Think I Could Hurt My Best Friend Like This

“I’m Sorry!”

Fans of The Real Housewives of Dallas have seen this season begin with the dissipation of the friendship of Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman, who were last season’s Dallas version of Lucy and Ethel. This week, Redmond took to her Bravo blog to discuss how it welt watching Hollman discuss their issues in therapy and how she is sorry for something. Read on for details.

Brandi Redmond- I’m Sorry I Didn’t Think I Could Hurt My Best Friend Like This

Redmond wrote that, “I must say, I was shocked to see Stephanie Hollman mention she started seeing a counselor as a result of our falling out. I am not a mean girl, nor do I condone mean girl behavior. (I do, do humor though). I think that Stephanie overreacted to her counselor and it left me in tears myself. There are always two sides to every story and if you will recall, LeeAnne Locken told Stephanie that I needed to check my calendar etc. well this is what I was told when I tried to make things right before I cut her off.”

“It is upsetting to me because of watching, I feel like Stephanie wasn’t in tune with me when I was desperately trying,” Redmond added. “But now the role feels reversed and I’m seeing how much pain she is in. It kills me because I hate seeing her like this, I honestly want to jump through the screen and tell her it can be the same. I’m sorry I didn’t think I could hurt my best friend like this. I thought that by her social media and relationship with Cary Deuber, she didn’t need or want me. I went through months of pain and hurting and didn’t feel loved or respected by her and now I have purposely caused this pain and I’m sorry. All I can do is ask myself, how do we meet in the middle, now it hurts, even more, knowing I hurt her…”

From social media, it definitely appears like the friends are now back in sync, but… tell us- what do YOU think about what Redmond wrote? Sound off in the comments below.