Danielle Staub RHONJ Return

Why Danielle Staub’s Return Being Used To Promote RHONJ Even Though She’s Not Full Time

Here’s Our Thoughts…

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey understandably got excited this week when the new season of the show was announced with an explosive trailer that, for the first time since season two, featured Danielle Staub. What’s interesting is that Staub is not a full time Housewife this season (based on cast pictures that have been posted), yet, she is still being used to advertise the show (as we show in two screenshots below) and was featured heavily in the trailer. Why is this? Read on for our thoughts.

Why Danielle Staub’s Return Being Used To Promote RHONJ Even Though She’s Not Full Time

Here are two examples that are using Staub’s face/name to promote the show:

Danielle Staub RHONJ Return Danielle Staub RHONJ Return

While the first picture we screen grabbed from the trailer (and that’s new full time Housewife Margaret Josephs‘s face, not Staub’s), Staub’s name is mentioned in the description. In the second pic, which is an ad for Sling TV with RHONJ, Staub’s face is pictured right next to Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.

The only logical explanations for why Staub would be being used so heavily in promoting the show would likely be:

  • Fans have not seen her in years- but the devoted RHONJ fans know her story quite well- so there likely is hope that her return will draw in an audience that wants to see what she’s been up to.
  • As far as the trailer goes, some of the most explosive scenes shown included Staub, so there likely is hope that this will also make people want to tune in.
  • Staub is one of the most infamous of the Housewives ever, so there is likely hope that continuing to mention her return will draw in an audience.

Everything in television is a ratings game, so it makes sense that Bravo would want the highest ratings possible. It seems evident that by continuing to push the return of Danielle, there is hope the ratings will be quite high when the season premieres. We will have to wait until October to see if this pans out.