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EXCLUSIVE: Scott Cruz- Kelly Asked For A Reading, Then Vicki Called Me Screaming After


Last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we saw the reemergence of Tamra Judge‘s psychic, Scott Cruz. In the scenes we saw, Kelly Dodd detailed how she felt like Judge brought Cruz to the event to badmouth Vicki Gunvalson. We caught up exclusively with Cruz to find out what exactly went down at the event. Read on for details.

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Cruz- Kelly Asked For A Reading, Then Vicki Called Me Screaming After

“Although they didn’t show it, it’s important to note that right when Kelly arrived, she asked me to read her,” Cruz exclusively revealed to us. “I made a joke about like no hellos first? I honestly wasnt there for that (to read people). I live in hollywood Hills and it was a benefit that I wanted to take part in for the community.. It wasnt intended for me to read like the last time.”

“If you notice,” Cruz continued, “I said nothing about Vicki. She came up in conversation and I asked why she wasnt there. That’s when I sensed a divide Kelly would eventually put between them. I think the whole ‘Tamra brought me up to stir stuff’ was a premeditation on Kelly and Vicki’s part once they heard Tamra invited me. The comment about the divide with Vicki was towards the end of the conversation with Kelly cause she asked me to read her.”

Cruz- who also claimed to read Meghan King Edmonds that night- also detailed that after the event that night, he got an angry phone call from Gunvalson.

He dished that, “She called me on her birthday which was very uncomfortable because I would have hoped she could have waited and maturely asked what transpired like an adult. I can’t side with anyone cause I don’t know the story, but i told her the pride i take in myself and work and that I sent her love for her bday and reassured her she is not a victim like she was trying to portray to me.”

“She was accusing me of talking about her,” Cruz elaborated. “And I kept questioning why is she talking to me like a child, and why is she talking to me? I told her I thought the last conversation I had with her was cordial and mutual understanding about my Brooks assessment until she manipulated it to the blogs.”

We appreciate Cruz- who, aside from being a psychic, is also an award winning composer who just signed a distribution deal with a label for his new single- clarifying what went on with us that evening and afterwards.

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