Brandi Redmond Kameron Westcott

Brandi Redmond- I Was Shocked Kameron Westcott Overreacted

Shocking Overreaction!

This week on The Real Housewives of Dallas, we saw some drama erupt between Brandi Redmond and Kameron Westcott when Redmond brought gifts for two of her co-stars (and invited them to a trip with her), but did not do the same for Westcott, who was standing right next to them. Redmond took to her Bravo blog to address the situation. What did she have to say?

Brandi Redmond Shocked Kameron Westcott Overreacted

“On to Kameron Westcott,” Redmond began. “Guuurrrlll, if you think I’m insecure around you, you’re sh** doesn’t stink. Second, I apologized to Kameron right away and had no idea the other ladies would be so excited to go to Memphis with me.”

“Yes, was I shocked that she overreacted, absolutely,” Redmond added. “In the moment, I started to feel bad and was about to invite her but it went South real quick. I tried to make a joke out of it with the mean girl comment but that probably didn’t help. Needless to say, Kameron and I DO NOT have a lot in common, maybe it’s because of our different zip codes…barf.”

Tell us- whose side are you on? Brandi’s or Kameron’s? Sound off in the comments below.