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Vicki Gunvalson- I Don’t Care if Eddie is Gay or Bisexual

Crazy Birthday Dinner!

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County had A LOT going on when old faces returned to the show and caused a quite a stir at Vicki Gunvalson‘s birthday extravaganza. From shocking rumors to tears and anger, last nights episode was a bit crazy, to say the least. What did the OG of the OC have to say about everything that went down in her Bravo Blog? Well, read on to find out!

Vicki Gunvalson- I Don’t Care if Eddie is Gay or Bisexual

It was fun for me to have Jeana Keough, Lizzie, Gretchen, Slade and Ricky at my party“, Vicki shared. “I met Ricky years ago through Tamra, and as you witnessed in this episode Ricky was Tamra and Eddie‘s best man. We both saw the love Eddie has for Tamra and the love she has for him when they got married and I have no desire to hurt either one of them. This ‘rumor’ about Eddie has been circling around for years and personally I don’t care either way because it doesn’t affect me.” 

I don’t care if he is gay or bisexual or not“, Gunvalson continued. “I like Eddie, he seems like a great guy and the fact that he and Tamra love each other is all that matters.”

Tell us- what do YOU think about last night’s episode and what Vicki had to say in her blog?