Channel Dark Feather

Channel Dark- Feather Single Review

A Great Techno Dance Track!

Whenever we hear a great techno/electro-pop dance song, we immediately are taken back to a time of going out, dancing around, and fist pumping the night away. Recently, we got the chance to check out Channel Dark‘s new single, Feather. So what did we think?

Channel Dark- Feather Single Review

Feather has all the elements of a great techno/electro-pop dance song that we would expect. It starts out at a slower pace and then starts to build into a bigger pulsing section until it finally explodes in sound. Then, it calms down a bit, before it does the same thing all over again.

While we’re typically more into songs with lyrics, we did find ourselves enjoying this one, bopping our head along the entire time.

We also liked the description the artist placed on the song, specifically when he said, “Spread positivity. Spread love. Be good to each other; we will always face some negativity, but it is ours to carry through and help each other through it.”

Take a listen below to the song and check out Channel Dark, who recently released his new EP EL Wire Pacifier. If you like good, fun music you can dance to, you won’t be disappointed.