Robots With Rayguns Slow Jams

Robots With Rayguns- Slow Jams Review

New Music!

We are always excited to get the chance to check out new music. Recently, we heard about Robots With Rayguns, a band taking much influence from the 80’s and getting some nods from MTV. Being fans of both 80’s music and MTV, we had to check out their new album, Slow Jams, which is officially out tomorrow. So what did we think? Read on for details.

Robots With Rayguns- Slow Jams Review

The album opens with “Breathless,” and from the first second, the 80’s synth-sounding influence is immediately noticeable. Also infused with that were the sounds of some modern drums beats, which immediately made you want to nod your head around. While there weren’t many lyrics, other than a voice in the background saying what sounded like “out on, out on the floor,” this made for quite an enjoyable listen that would definitely work at a lounge-type club.

“All The Way,” which follows, continues right along with the fun 80’s vibe, but with a slightly slower pace. Leon Monroe, a talented R&B vocalist, is featured on the song, and his voice, along with the slower paced synthesizer, made for a well crafted number. We also really enjoyed the lyrics, especially when Monroe sang the very tongue-in-cheek, “And if you’ve got the heart, I just might let you play the girlfriend part.”

“Memories,” which appears later on the album, is definitely one of the standout tracks. It kind of reminded me of a song that would play in the background of any hit 80’s movie. This song features vocalist Carl Gershon, and while his voice is quite different than Monroe’s, this works flawlessly as an 80’s number. In fact, had I not known any different, I would have guessed this song was out of the 80’s, as opposed to being crafted now. This, in essence, speaks to the genius of how genius Robots With Rayguns is in planning their music, as they are able to create songs that truly song like they could be from decades past.

Other songs on the album include the instrumental “Sexual Tension,” which definitely makes the listener literally feel the tension through the music, and a brilliant placed cover of George Michael‘s “Careless Whisper.”

Overall, with Slow Jams, Robots With Rayguns has made a great 80’s album, chock-full of interesting instrumental numbers and vocal numbers alike. If you’re a fan of 80’s music, this album is a must for your collection.