EXCLUSIVE: Caylea Woodbury from “Little Women Dallas” Talks CRAZY New Season!

Everything’s CRAZIER In Texas!

Caylea Woodbury was involved in A LOT of drama during the first season of Little Women: Dallas on Lifetime. From a HUGE brawl at the Football party to drama with boys and her former best friend Tiffani, Caylea’s reality TV ride was not so smooth. However, Caylea grew up before our eyes and even followed her dream of becoming a make-up artist and showed everyone that she really CAN do it all! The new season is premiering next week and we caught up with Caylea to get the scoop on what she’s been up to since we last saw her. What did she have to say? Check out our exclusive Q&A with Caylea below!

Caylea from “Little Women: Dallas” Talks CRAZY New season!

Q: After season 1 finished airing, what did you think of the experience as a whole?
It was an amazing experience and still is. My life has totally changed thanks to Little Women: Dallas.  It’s crazy to think people actually know who I am and that I make their day by just taking a picture with them.” 
Q: How has your life changed since being on the show?
“Little Women: Dallas has truly changed everything, simply by giving me a purpose to keep pushing. My life has also changed because I started from no one really knowing who I am and they would stare at me because I’m little, but now they stare at me because they recognize me from the show.The show has made me a better person and it’s really crazy, but I love it.” 
Q: What is different about season 2 compared to season 1?
Season 2 is SO different. We’ve all changed as women and we’ve really found ourselves. It’s crazy to see that people who you thought were friends, aren’t really your friends. Fans will see friendships grow and fall apart all season long.
Q: Out of the group, who would you say that you’re closest to currently?
Out of the group, I’m closest to Emily and Bri. We’re always doing stuff together and even when we go our separate ways we’re friends at the end of the day. We also have a lot of stuff in common which helped us grow closer.” 
Q: What makes the Dallas ladies different from the other Little Women franchises?
Dallas is totally different. We are younger than the other cities, and having more fun. Nothing is stopping us. The other little women franchises are worried about having babies, buying houses, their spouses, etc and we are all just living our best lives and not letting anything get in the way! ” 
We really appreciate Caylea taking the time to talk with us!
Check out Caylea on the new season of Little Women: Dallas next Wednesday, October 4th at 10/9c on Lifetime