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Vicki Gunvalson Talks “Rumor- No Proof” Regarding Eddie Judge

Vicki’s Speaking Out

Yesterday, Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson appeared on TMZ Live to discuss rumors regarding co-star Tamra Judge’s husband, Eddie. Gunvalson had quite a lot to say in her six minute appearance. Read on for some of the highlights.

Vicki Gunvalson Talks “Rumor- No Proof” Regarding Eddie Judge

Here are some of the things that Gunvalson said:
  • “I have made it very clear I don’t care one way or the other (if Eddie is gay). They seem happy, they’re in love, whatever works for them.”
  • “I was at her wedding. I believe they’re totally in love and I believe their marriage is good, but there is questionable past of Eddie. So deal with it. Address it, deal with it, and move on.”
  • “I believe that in 2011 just like everybody else heard in Orange County that there was rumor- no proof – that Eddie had male partners in the past. So if it’s false, then deal with it.”
  • “Of course I made a judgement. Maybe there’s something behind that. Listen, if I’m dating a gentleman and there’s a rumor that he is bisexual, then I’m gonna probably ask him have you ever been with a man. I want to know the truth. It’s my right to know the truth.”
  • “If I really wanted this to be on TV, I would have said it on TV.  I didn’t. It was a private conversation off filming during a down time… Tamra brought it back up. She didn’t want to be friends with me this year because I was talking about her husband.”
  • “He married my friend. He married my friend. If he’s homosexual, then come out and say you’ve been with men in the past. If he’s got nothing to be embarrassed about. He’s on a reality show. He’s on a reality show. And some things might come out that you don’t want coming out. You’re on a reality show. People talk about each other. I like Eddie. I wish them the very best. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care one way or the other.”
  • “I’m telling you I am not homosexual. That’s the whole point in this. Or homophobic. I don’t care. The point is everybody gets to choose who they want to be with. It’s not my choice. But you’re on a reality show, so…”

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