Dolores Catania Danielle Staub

EXCLUSIVE: Dolores Catania- I’m Not Scared Of Danielle Staub

Not Scared!

This week on The Real Housewives of New JerseyDanielle Staub returned to the show for the first time since season two. As fans could see from the trailer, Staub definitely will get into drama with Dolores Catania as the season goes on.

In her Bravo blog, Staub wrote about Catania, noting that, “Walking into breakfast in Boca you seemed to welcome me most graciously then I hear you mention the ‘Ghost from Christmas Past’ like it was a bad thing? Since you have named me “The Ghost of Christmas Past” I will be happy to have you take a look into your past real soon!”

We caught up with Catania exclusively to ask her what Staub meant by being “happy to have you take a look into your past real soon” and get her reaction to it.

Catania exclusively told us, “I’m not sure what she means by that statement. I love my past and am so proud of it.”

“Additionally,” Catania added, “I’m not scared of Danielle and you will see that as the season plays out.”

We definitely cannot wait to see how the season continues to play out and appreciate Catania talking to us.