Peggy Sulahian Kelly Dodd

Peggy Sulahian- Kelly Dodd Needs To Get A Filter

“Get A Filter”

While Peggy Sulahian is still relatively new on The Real Housewives of Orange County, this week she did not hold back in her Bravo blog, specifically regarding her thoughts on co-star Kelly Dodd. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Peggy Sulahian- Kelly Dodd Needs To Get A Filter

“Is Kelly friends with Vicki or not?” Sulahian begins. “I am so confused!”

“Vicki attends to her,” she continues, “and as she is bringing forth proof of her illness, Kelly says, ‘Who carries their medical records around?’ Well, I guess Vicki is feeling threatened enough that she needs to carry around proof. But when Vicki opens up and says she is going to die of a broken heart, my heart was crushed.”

Sulahian adds that, “In view of the life’s fragility, how can people treat each other so unkindly that we are breaking each other’s hearts to death? What? I’ll say it again, I don’t know what Kelly’s motive is, but I’m not sure it is to preserve friendships all around. She even stated that she has nothing against me while we were on the boat, but she was the one attacking me during dinner.”

Sulahian wraps with saying that, “She seems to think it’s okay to say anything that comes to mind. Perhaps she needs to get a filter and realize that the words that she uses have a lasting effect.”

Tell us- what are your thoughts on what Sulahian said? Are you on her side or Dodd’s? Sound off in the comments below.