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Vicki Gunvalson- Just say I Have Been With Men In The Past And Tamra’s Cool With It

Explosive Interview!

While it’s been a few weeks since the explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County featuring Vicki Gunvalson‘s birthday party (where accusations were made about Tamra Judge‘s husband, Eddie‘s sexual orientation), Vicki sat down yesterday with Too Fab to discuss it. What did she have to say?

“Gay is not less than,” Vicki stated. “If you are married to a woman and you are a man and you have had a past… deal with it.”

“Eddie is a great man,” Vicki went on to say. “I don’t really give a crap what his past is… When you’re married in a male-female relationship, and if you’ve had a past being with the same sex, I would think that would be a conversation you’d have with your wife.”

“The point is — you’re married to a woman,” she later added, “why is it such a bad thing that you had a past in that? Own it! Just say, ‘I have been with men in the past and Tamra’s cool with it,’ and move on.”

Vicki also claims she doesn’t know what her and Tamra are fighting about anymore.

Check out a clip below and go to Too Fab to see her entire interview. Make sure to sound off in the comments below with your thoughts: