Teresa Giudice Siggy Flicker

EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice and Siggy Flicker On Good Terms, Despite What Show May Be Depicting

On this season of The Real housewives of New Jersey, fans of the show have seen Siggy Flicker being come at by many of the other women aside from Dolores Catania. While Teresa Giudice has made some comments about Flicker on camera, we have exclusively learned that the two have a great relationship- and are actually even closer after this season. Read on for details.

An insider close to production exclusively told us that, “Siggy and Teresa have an extremely close and genuine relationship. Dolores is very close with both of them as well.”

“While fans may be thinking it seems like Teresa is turning on Siggy,” they added, “at the end of the season, they will see that’s not true, and that Siggy and Teresa are indeed close and good friends.’

“As evidence,” they added, “when Teresa recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live she even backed Siggy.”

Our source wrapped with saying that, “Teresa knows Siggy’s heart and vice versa. They really have a great bond that surpasses the show.”