Betty Moon Natural Disaster

Betty Moon Natural Disaster Single Review

A Great Song!

I lovedĀ Betty Moon‘s last albumĀ and thus was excited to hear that she had released a new single entitled “Natural Disaster.” So how does the song hold up? Is it worth checking out? Read on for my thoughts.

Betty Moon Natural Disaster Single Review

From the first second the song begins, I was immediately drawn in by the high energy sound of the rocking guitar and drums, and found myself bopping my head along. As soon as Betty began to sing, I found myself even more drawn into the song. Her voice on the verses of this track had a very seductive sound to it that makes a listener immediately focus on every word she is saying.

I also loved the chorus which was extremely catchy and had well thought out lyrics, especially when Moon sang,”My steady feet are tripping now, I’m falling faster, My head is spinning from the sound, I’m a natural disaster.”

Between the high rock and roll energy of the track, Moon’s intriguing lyrics, and how easily the song gets stuck in your head, I definitely think this is a great return for Betty Moon. It also, in my humble opinion, has great radio potential.

Check out the song here and let me know your thoughts in the comments below: