Kailyn Lowry New Show

EXCLUSIVE: Kailyn Lowry Tells ALL On New Show- Is She Leaving Teen Mom 2?

New Show- Done With Teen Mom 2?

Almost every member of the Teen Mom 2 cast has been rumored to be leaving the show at some point after each season. Recently, star Kailyn Lowry announced that she has a new show. So could this be the end of her Teen Mom 2 stint?
While the current season of Teen Mom 2 just wrapped up, Lowry is currently starring on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and now has announced a third show, which is great news for her fans.
Fans of Teen Mom 2 need fear not, though, as Lowry is not planning on leaving Teen Mom 2 even with her new show, which is a podcast with none other than Todd Chrisley’s oldest daughter, Lindise Chrisley, entitled Coffee Convos.
Kailyn Lowry New Show

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Lowry exclusively spoke to us about the new show, detailing what made her want to do a podcast, how she met Chrisley, and more.

“I graduated with my degree in communications and radio has always interested me,” Lowry told us exclusively on why she was interested in a podcast. “The opportunity came up and I wanted to expand on that platform.”

So how did she get connected with Chrisley? Lowry detailed that, “We started talking through social media and had a lot in common believe it or not. But we also differ in a lot of ways which showcases a unique dynamic on our podcast.”

Lowry dished that fans can expect, “Candid conversations, as well as unfiltered opinion and mom talk about things we’ve experienced as moms of boys.”

Kailyn Lowry New Show

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Can fans expect Lowry to touch on Teen Mom 2 and Chrisley to touch on Chrisley Knows Best?

On this front, Lowry explained that, “If our shows tied into a topic being discussed, possibly. However, the podcast is completely unscripted and you’ll never know what we’re going to say.”

For fans who want to subscribe immediately, Lowry stated that, “You can subscribe on iTunes or other podcast apps for Android. So far we’ve had a lot of positive feedback and we hope that continues.”

“It’s a good way for our fans to get to know us more personally outside of reality tv,” Lowry added.

For fans of Lowry and Chrisley, this is certainly exciting news, as it’s simply another way to get to know them on another level. Nice work, ladies!