Nick de la Hoyde Hold Me Close

Nick de la Hoyde’s Hold Me Close Is A Multifaceted, Great Track

Fridays always excite us as new music is released. Today, a new song entitled “Hold Me Close” by singer Nick de la Hoyde (who we previously adored when he released his song Thinking Bout You) was released. So how does his new track hold up? Read on for our thoughts.

The song starts off with in a beat that almost reminded us of an Ed Sheeran song- and this certainly is a good thing, as Sheeran is one of the most successful pop stars as of late. De la Hoyde’s voice, while a bit different than Sheeran’s, immediately shines on the track, as he showcases his awesome vocals from the start.

We also really liked the catchy chorus, where de la Hoyde sings, “Touch me, love me, hold me close to you, and runaway with me” over a beat that progresses into an almost dance-y number.

While we loved the first part of the song, one of our favorite things was how de la Hoyde went from singing in the first verse to rapping in the second. Not only did this showcase that de la Hoyde is multifaceted, but it also made for an even more interesting, unique track.

With “Hold Me Close,” we definitely feel that de la Hoyde has released a catchy track that has strong radio potential and absolutely is worth checking out. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments.