Sunny Mac The Message Oneironautics

Sunny Mac- The Message/Oneironautics Is A Great Rap Track

If you follow our site, you know that we love getting the chance to check out new music whenever possible. Recently, we got the chance to check out Sunny Mac’s new single “The Message/Oneironautics.” Being big fans of rap music in general, what did we think of Sunny Mac’s single?

Immediately from the beginning of the song, the vibe was very “old school” rap, and it brought a big smile to our faces from the start. We were also struck with how talented Sunny Mac was at rapping and putting words together in a creative manner, especially when he rapped, “Cutting deep into my soul and pulling out a tiny part of a whole, know that I ain’t talking about no surgical incision, It’s addition I put together things I find inside my heart and my soul the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
While it’s hard to pinpoint who Sunny Mac reminds us of rap wise – as his style is uniquely his own- we would put him somewhere in line with The Beatsie Boys- and, as any fan of rap music would know, that’s a really good thing.
As with any good rap song, we also found ourselves bopping our head along by the middle of the song, which speaks to the fact that the song successfully does what any quality rap song should- draw the listener in, engage them, and have them enjoying the track.
One other thing that should be noted is how well produced the song is, especially around the 3 minute and 30 second mark where the beat slows down and the vibe completely switches.
Overall, with “The Message/Oneironautics” Sunny Mac has crafted a great rap track that we highly recommend checking out. Make sure to check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.