Suparatana Bencharongkul

Suparatana Bencharongkul Debuts Nina Bench Website and Instagram

[Disclosure/Note: This is a sponsored post]

We love following many people on Instagram as well as the internet, and thus were excited to learn about Suparatana Bencharongkul,, the deputy COO of Rakbankerd Co, launching a website and Instagramboth under the name “Nina Bench” to further her work in the agriculture space.

According to the press release, the website is “designed to give people further insight into her work. The site will provide a new platform through which to educate more people than ever before about technological opportunities within the agricultural sector.”

When venturing to the website, you’re met with a bio of Bencharongkul which shares that, “Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Rakbankerd Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Benchachinda Group), is one of Thailand’s pioneers to introduce agriculture technology to farmers.  She leads a team of agriculture specialists who conducts tests, collating and analysing samples, and commpiling reports on any number of factors that affect agricultural production.  Combine this with her telecommunication platform, these reports will then educate farmers, seed suppliers, etc., of potential improvements to enhance the efficiency and profitability of farm business.”

Also, of note on the site, is the fact that you can contact Bencharongkul, which allows people both in the agricultural headspace and not the ability to ask her questions they may have regarding her work.

When going to her Instagram, you are taken deeper into Bencharongkul’s personal life, as well as able to see excerpts of her work.

As the press release explains via a spokesperson, “the new website and Instagram have been created to help celebrate the role of a dynamic and passionate woman, making waves in a specialist and typicall male-dominated industry.”

After having the time to examine both, she definitely accomplishes her goals. We’d highly reccommend you take a look at her website if this piques your interest, and give her a follow on Instagram.