Chicago The Musical

Chicago The Musical Better Than Ever

All That Jazz!

Last weekend, we got the opportunity to see Chicago, the Broadway musical currently starring Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kandi Burruss. While we had seen Chicago once before and weren’t overly thrilled, this time we had a completely different opinion and found that it’s now better than ever! Read on for details.

Chicago The Musical Better Than Ever

From the opening number, “All That Jazz,” we were immediately impressed with how talented the lead, Amra Faye-Wright (who plays Velma Kelly) was. She gave a performance that reminded us of Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie, and we were big fans of that performance.

Next we were introduced to Bianca Marroquin, who plays Roxie Hart, and did so to such a perfection that she gave the revivals original Ann Reinking a run for her money.

What fans of the Housewives will be most interested in is how Burruss did. We are pleased to report that her vocals were beyond impressive, and we found ourselves overwhelmed with how well she performed the role of Matron Mama Morton. It’s clear that Burruss’s voice is a natural for the stage, and she has quite powerful pipes. Both of her songs she performed- “When You’re Good To Mama” and “Class” – were quite superb, and this alone made the production worth seeing.

Aside from the talented cast, we also appreciated the bare bones stage and the flawless choreography. As Chicago has celebrated its 21st year on Broadway, we can safely say it’s better than ever and definitely belongs.