Faisal Shafique Making His Way Into The Australian Music Scene

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Faisal Shafique is someone who has been well known for a while in the entrepreneurial world and, more so, in the world of social media. In the social media department, Shafique has earned a substantially large following, which is certainly an impressive feat for anyone.

While many people can become well known on social media, Shafique’s path to getting there is certainly interesting, as he was an immigrant who was destined to become a doctor (due to his family all being in that profession), he learned about Instagram from one of his classmates and, like the say, the rest is history.

Shafique worked hard to get a huge Instagram following and then, in a smart social media strategic move, used his following to garner paid promotions and build up other pages.

Interestingly enough, Shafique is now venturing into the music scene in Australia. Due to his multifaceted talents, Shafique is definitely going to be one to keep an eye on as he continues to shine in every field he’s in.

Make sure to check out his Instagram here.