Betty Moon Parachute

Betty Moon’s Parachute An Important Song In Our Times

For those who have followed this site for a while, you know we’ve been big fans of Betty Moon.

While we loved her latest album Chrome, we were excited to learn that she chose the song “Parachute” to make her fourth single from the album. So how is the song by itself?

Parachute is a brilliant song, especially in modern times, as it is a song of female empowerment. We especially loved the chorus, when Moon inspirationally sings, “I’m not afraid of falling, it’s the freedom I’m wanting, packed a parachute and now it’s time to fly.” We also found it neat- and notable- that Moon released the single last month, as March is Women’s History Month. In addition, with the #MeToo movement inspiring women to speak out/up against sexual assault and harassment, the song can inspire in that vein even if it wasn’t the original intention.

Overall, we’ve always been huge fans of Moons and Parachute only continues to aid in our fandom, as we feel that Parachute is an important song for our times. We suggest checking out the song on Spotify here.

Also, make sure to check out the music video below: