Cabaret State Theatre

Cabaret At The State Theatre Stuns

It’s always a treat getting to see a show at New Jersey’s The Stars Theatre, as they frequently attract a variety of high caliber acts and touring productions of Broadway shows. When I heard Cabaret was coming to the theater, I knew I had to go. So how did the show- which stunned in its Sam Mendes directed Broadway revival- hold up in the touring production?

I am thrilled to say that Cabaret at The State Theatre was just as strong as it ever has been.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Cabaret follows a nightclub in Berlin in the 1930s just as the Nazis are truly coming to prominence. While outside the world is falling apart, inside the Kit Kat Club nightclub there are “no troubles”- that is, until, the characters are forced to start dealing with what’s going on with the Nazis.

Aside from the story- which keeps you glued to the edge of your seat- one of the most notable things about Cabaret is the songs which are some of the most well known in all of theater. These include “Wilkommen,” “Money Makes The World Go Round,” “Maybe This Time,” and, of course, the show stopper “Cabaret.”

One of the most challenging things about this production of Cabaret is how bare bones the staging is scenery-wise, so it truly relies on the talent of the actors to make the show work. I was so excited to see how amazing Erik Schneider was as the Emcee and how fantastic Bailey McCall Thomas was as the female lead, Sally Bowles. You definitely felt like you were on Broadway watching these two and, that truly should be the goal of a touring production.

Aside from how great the production is, the end (which I won’t give away) still shook me to my core, even though I have seen this show a few times before.

Overall, if you get the chance to check out the touring production of Cabaret, I highly recommend it. You will most certainly not be disappointed. And, as always, if you get the chance to check out an event at The State Theatre I highly recommend it.