Anne Steele- Made Out Of Stars EP Review

We love hearing new music and getting the opportunity to check it out, especially from artists we haven’t heard from as we love discovering new talent. For these reasons, we were excited to check out the new EP “Made Out Of Stars” by Anne Steele that got released January 2nd.

The EP starts out with a song entitled “Obsessed” which has a light, airy feel. Right from the start Steele’s vocals reminded me of a more talented Janet Jackson- yes, we know this is a major statement, and we mean it. We also liked that the song had a catchy chorus when Steele sang, “You’re like red wine buzzing my mind… I’m obsessed with you.”
“Better,” which follows, has an edgier and more serious feel that its predecessor. “If you ask me what I think about you I’m gonna say I don’t,” Steele croons to an ex-lover, detailing how she’s going to love better “than you ever loved me.” The song definitely commands the listener to pay attention and we listened to every word, completely encapsulated by the story she had to tell.
“I Miss Those Days,” which appears later on the EP, is a great song that shows off the vocal range that Steele has. As previously mentioned, she definitely evokes Janet Jackson like sounds but with a stronger range and it’s definitely exhibited here.
Other songs featured on the EP include the remixed “Love Can Take Us There” which definitely has potential to be a club hit and an acoustic version of the same song, both of which are enjoyable.
Overall, we would definitely recommend listening to- and purchasing- Anna Steele’s “Made of Stars,” as the EP offers a good mix of fun pop, serious numbers, and varied styles. Check out her music video here  and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.