You NEED To Check Out Heather Gubrer’s Dance into the Desert

Singer-songwriters are one of our favorite genres of music and for this reason we were excited to check out Heather Gruber’s newest release, Dance into the Desert. So what did we think of her new album which got released at the end of last year?

The album starts off with “Beauty Outside The Lines,” a fun, bouncy number that reminds us of Sara Bareilles stylistically. The song definitely has a catchy feel that immediately made us want to hear more from Gruber.
“Here You Go Again,” which follows, also had a very Sara Bareilles feel but it had a more aggressive, fast-paced nature than its predecessor. “Here you go again sinking through my head stealing all my thoughts,” Gruber sings, clearly to someone who has commanded her romantic interest.
“Running On Empty,” which appears two tracks later, slows things down a bit from the bubbly feel and focuses more on showing off Gruber’s impressive vocal range. On the track, she sings over what sounds like just a strumming guitar for the first verse of the song. On the track, Gruber gets candid with her audience, telling them how she’s running on empty and can’t slow down.
“Lost My Halo,” which appears later on the album, is another song that shows off Gruber’s great pipes. We really liked the beginning of the song lyrically when Gruber sings, “I lost my smile somewhere in the city, I lost my spark, chasing the bright, bright lights, I lost my heart isn’t it a pity, I gave it away didn’t even put up a fight.”
“Dancing On The Edge,” which appears towards the end of the album, is another standout track that has a very Vanessa Carlton feel. “Today I cried a little, today I sighed a lot, Today I focused way too much on what I’m not,” Gruber croons over a fun bouncy sound. It’s the type of music that you can’t help but be drawn into.
Other tracks on the album, include the rocky, pretty “Letting Go” and the confessional “Lost In Space.”
Overall, with “Dance into the Desert,” Gruber has crafted an interesting, confessional album that will definitely appeal to fans of the singer-songwriter genre. We definitely recommend you check it out immediately if that is your type of music.