Betty Moon’s New Single Save My Soul Is Fantastic

As you know, we are huge fans of Betty Moon, so it should come as no surprise that we were super stoked to hear that she was releasing a new single entitled “Save My Soul” from her forthcoming album “HELLUCINATION.” We have always come to expect great things from her, so we had our bar set high- and boy did Betty deliver.

The second the song starts, Betty immediately commands your attention, with a pounding beat and her telling you, “Hollywood nights get the best of me, I’m losing my mind.”

From there, the song continues growing in its intensity and infectiousness, and explodes in a chorus that immediately is stuck in your head where Moon sings, “Save me, I need you to save my soul.” Trust us, you WILL have this stuck in your head and need to hit replay on the song immediately after a first listen.

The song also comes with a visually stunning video, which can be seen below. The video is described in the press release in the following manner: “The ‘Save My Soul’ video tells the story of two women (both played by Betty Moon) and contrasts how these two very different people are lost in their unique ways. ‘They are both connected by their shopping carts” says Moon. One filled to the brim with cereal unable to decide on any one in particular, and the other cart has literally all her belongings and everything she owns. “Doesn’t everyone feel like they need saving?’ says Moon. ‘Our world is in chaos and America is filled with hatred and animosity. Nobody is excluded here, there is some massive change with more love and empathy needed for this world to become a better place.’ Moon and her team at Evolver Music, Inc. produced the video in the Los Angeles area and shot the final beach scenes in Malibu, CA where she resides.”

Oerall, Betty Moon’s new single is NOT one you will want to miss. It’s a fantastic song that has us super stoked for the album.

Make sure to check out the video here: