What Could Be Better Than Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life?

We always love getting the opportunity to hear new music, especially when it’s not the typical pop radio genre. Thus we were very excited to hear Matt Warren’s new album “Music Is My Life.” Warren is billed as a “Chicago house music pioneer and Platinum Award-winning producer-engineer.” Being big fans of dance music/club music, we were definitely excited to see what Warren would bring.

“How Do I Love Thee,” which Warren also recently released a music video for, is absolutely fantastic lounge club fare. From the second the infectious track begins with a woman speaking who goes “His name is Matt Warren,” the song immediately captivates your attention and makes you want to celebrate your life. If you listen to this song and aren’t repeating “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” by the end of the song, you clearly have missed out on the amazing experience that is this track.
“The Way To My Heart,” which follows, is a good follow up track to “How Do I Love Thee,” but it features a lot less words than its predecessor. For those reasons, we found ourselves preferring the first track.
“Catch Me If You Can,” which appears with a main mix and a disco mix, is another infectiously catchy song that shows off the talents of Warren perfectly. It’s most interesting how Warren can take a simple phrase like “catch me if you can” (or “how do I love thee”) and develop an entirely pleasing, fun, upbeat dance song around it.
“Bang The Box,” which appears later on the album, features a pulsating beat that will be sure to please club music lovers from the first second.
Other tracks on the album include the somber “The Dark Storm” and the lounge-y “Musica Es Mi Vida.”
Overall with “Music Is My Life,” Warren has created an amazing collection of songs that will have you wanting to dance the night away and live your best life. And when you’re going through a tough time, a turbulent situation, or just need some fun in your life, what could be better?
Make sure to check out the music video for “How Do I Love Thee” here: