Looks and Likes: The Most Amazing Beauty Trends Instagram Gave the World This Year

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The days when a trendy fashion designer was the one dictating the trends all around the world are long gone. Today, an incredible number of talented individuals have a means of expressing themselves over the internet and expose their skills and ideas to the world. Social media has become one of the most used mediums today, with billions of users following each other from all corners of the globe. And social media influences the fashion industry in ways never seen before, with beauty and apparel trends emerging through it in a never-before-seen variety. Here are some of the most interesting and amazing ones that have emerged this year.

Wearing social media

One of the most interesting ideas to emerge this year was put forth by dom.skii, a male make-up artist living in Western Australia. His idea was to reproduce the look of his favorite medium – Instagram – in the form of makeup, masking part of his face to look like an update on the popular social network. The result: a surprisingly creative look that may not do much for you in everyday life but can surely attract a lot of attention online:

The idea started a trend – #instaception – that was embraced by many Instagram users in no time.

The makeup trend that sticks – literally

Even something as simple as a pair of fake eyelashes can be a nuisance for many so they are not the ideal thing to wear in everyday life. But when it comes to special events, standing out of the crowd is vital – and one of the ways to do it is to stick various things to your eyelids. And this year, these ‘various things’ are sparkling.

It is not unusual to see women with their eyelids covered in glitter – but this year, a series of models have shown up on their preferred social network wearing much larger sparkling accessories on them. And they don’t stop there: these easy-to-rub-down sparkling decals often go beyond the eyelids, creating something called a “fiercing” (a faux piercing). Look it up, you won’t be disappointed.


When it comes to trends, you can always count on new ones appearing in the “nails” department. Some of the ideas that show up on Instagram are surprisingly useless and stupid – think hair nails that only go viral because they are so impractical and dumb or the screwdriver nails that turn your hands into useless pieces of decorated flesh in real life – but there are many that are both practical and beautiful at the same time.

Among the most popular nail trends on social media, you’ll find a bunch that is not only amazing but practical at the same time, ranging from pastel-colored gel nails with transitions to nonfigurative nail stickers, marbled nails, nails covered in multicolored glitter, and the list could go on and on. Just in time for the New Year’s party, right?

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post/ad #ad]