Rent 20th Anniversary Tour Wows At State Theatre

We recently had the opportunity to see RENT at New Jersey’s The State Theatre on their 20th anniversary tour. While RENT has always been a favorite of ours, it depends so strongly on the environment you see it in and the performers in each role to bring it to life. So how did this version of RENT hold up?

It is safe to say that RENT is just as good as it was when it premiered in 1996. While technology has evolved from what is shown in the show (who uses a payphone anymore, for example) and AIDS research has luckily evolved into helping people live with the horrific disease, the messages of living your life for today and measuring each moment in love still ring true and more important than ever.

All of the performers gave exceptional performances and, as we frequently do with RENT, we found ourselves moved to tears. It should be noted that The State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, truly does an exceptional job of putting on Broadway-caliber productions that command many kudos, especially given that Broadway is not that far from New Brunswick.

If you get to catch a show at The State Theatre- which has an exceptional season coming up with “The Color Purple” and “Beautiful,” amongst other shows, we highly recommend it. We are thrilled we got to catch RENT in all it’s glory.