Nik Richie Foftygate

Nik Richie Calls Out Foftygate As Scam

Every Bravo fan – and celebrity gossip fan- seemed to be completely tuned into “Foftygate” this weekend, or the situation in which rapper 50 Cent started outing texts between Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent‘s boyfriend, Randal Emmett, and 50. 50 calmed that Emmett owed him $1 million dollars and made threats to hurt him if the money wasn’t repaid by today.

After making continual posts over the weekend- including ones against Lala Kent and ones comparing Emmett to Harvey Weinstein– today 50 claimed he got the wire from Emmett and it was back to business as usual. He also, in good faith, took down the texts.

Celebrity blogger Nik Richie, who famously ran The Dirty for years, called out the entire situation after 50 claimed he got the wire in quite an infamous way.

First, Richie took to Instagram to show proof he filed for a copyright of the word “Fofty,” including “custom imprinting of Fofty; Custom imprinting of Fofty with decorative designs; Custom imprinting of Fofty with messages; Imprinting messages on T-shirts; Imprinting messages on wearing apparel and mugs; Imprinting of decorative designs on T-shirts; Silk screen printing.” This is definitely interesting to note, as 50 was selling tee shirts that featured the phrase “I’m sorry Fofty” on them from the texts.

Nik Richie’s filing for the copyright of “Fofty”

Richie then went on to call the entire thing out as a scam, writing the caption, “People are so stupid. This entire thing was staged. I might be out of the game, but show me the money @50cent — Money by Tuesday, #Fofty.”

Richie also responded to a commenter, writing, “50 made up a bullsh*t storyline and everyone bought it. I got the trademark = this was a scam to promote something.”

It will be interesting to see if 50 ends up responding to Richie and showing proof of the money being deposited; however, it also should be noted that Richie hasn’t been wrong in the past. We will continue watching this story and keep you updated.