Housewives Who Made It Big

Housewives Who Made It Big

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Natalie Massanet started a luxury fashion brand Net a Porter while pregnant with her first daughter.

It’s hard work being a housewife, but the strong work ethic you acquire from looking after a home truly is a gift. The clever ladies on this list developed their natural talents by using their brains, tenacity and attention to detail to ensure that while they were at home, they were preparing themselves for a successful future.

Jenn Scalia, Online Business Coach

For some housewives dreaming about being entrepreneurs, the change can be sudden and not always welcomed with open arms. That was the case for Jenn Scalia, who, after being laid off two jobs, had a period of staying at home as a full-time mum. It was during this time when she decided that she would be the master of her success and began looking into ways to increase her financial security for her and her young family. 

Being able to pick herself up and dust herself off in this way, helped Jenn see how valuable her insight could be into the lives of others. Using this talent, she now runs a successful online coaching business, which means she can remain at home to look after her children, while also rocking the business world as a proper girl boss.

Helen Ellis, Poker Pro

Although we usually think of a side hustle in terms of extra work, it turns out that it can be fun too! After falling in love with the strategy of the game on mobile poker sites, glamorous housewife Helen Ellis realized that she was pretty good at defeating her opponents. Helen upped the time that she spent on the game and even started attending some tournaments. Before long, she became well known in the sphere, making enough of a name for herself to get a profile in the New York Times. Nowadays, Helen can still be found at the online and offline poker table and while also being known for inviting her friends around for game nights at her house.

Natalie Massenet, Net a Porter

If you feel like you’ve heard of Natalie Massenet before, then you’re probably right. This successful businesswoman is the brains behind the luxury fashion empire Net a Porter. You’ll be rightly amazed to hear that Natalie began this brand while at home pregnant with her first daughter. 

Natalie had already had a glistening career as a fashion journalist with Vogue, and this insight into the industry proved invaluable. Along with the help of her husband, the duo raised an impressive £1.2 million to launch the business from the front room of their London flat. Now, this veritable empire is worth multiple millions, and Natalie Massenet’s housewife life is exciting, financially stable and incredibly rewarding. 

Hilary Collins, Big Wave PR

After the complicated arrival of her first child, Hilary was determined to find a way to be able to afford to stay at home with her new daughter. For the first 18 months of her daughter’s life, she was on constant vigil at Great Ormond Street Hospital. While many would crumble under such stress, Hilary grabbed the bull by the horns and started her own online PR company. 

Having the tenacity to remain by her daughter’s side, while undertaking a stressful and challenging project is precisely the kind of personality trait that sets housewives up for business. Now Hilary’s company is hugely successful, citing Carlsberg as the client that set the ball rolling.