Maci Bookout Slams Mackenzie Standifer In Shocking New Interview

While Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout hasn’t had the best of relationships with ex Ryan Edwards and his current wife, Mackenzie Standifer, for quite some time, things got ugly again last week. Namely, Mackenzie ended up doing a Youtube interview with Without A Crystal Ball. In the interview, Mackenzie responded to a lot of things on last week’s Teen Mom OG episode. In addition, she seemed to throw some shade towards Maci regarding Maci drinking.

Now, Maci has exclusively talked to Celeb Magazine, giving a response to the comments Mackenzie said about her. What did she have to say?

In response to Mackenzie being critical of Maci’s son Bentley putting pressure on himself in regards to his wrestling and cutting weight, Maci said, ” “If she or Ryan actually talked to Bentley or me about it, they would be certain that it was Bentley’s choice to maintain his weight in his weight class, but considering they only spend a couple of hours a week around him and never show interest in showing up for more than one event a month…it’s fair to say that what they ’thought’ was wrong.”

“This is making statements based on ignorance that never tell the truth,” she added.

Maci went on to state that, “For someone who publicly claims season after season, episode after episode, that the show is completely FAKE and that editing is what shines the bad light on her and Ryan… I’m shocked it only took two scenes to change her opinion. Now in Mackenzie’s opinion, the show is 100% authentic.”

She then directly addressed when she may actually care about what Ryan or Mackenzie have to say regarding Bentely Maci stated that “When Mackenzie and Ryan stop talking badly about my son, making fun of him, and talking down to him… then maybe their opinion of what goes on in my home will hold some weight… Actually, no it won’t.”

In the interview with Celeb Magazine, Maci denied Mackenzie’s claims that Ryan has offered to take a drug test so he can have time alone with Bentley. Specifically, Maci said that it’s “absolutely not true” and that she’s “begging to see some proof.”

In the interview with Of A Crystal Ball, there was also an intimation made (by the host of the interview) that Maci was “slurring her words” on last week’s episode. When branched on the subject in the interview, Mackenzie stayed quiet which some believed was her way of intimating Maci has a drinking problem.

Maci responded to this, stating that, “If I want to drink a glass of wine in a bathtub before bed or drink a beer while making dinner or with my dinner, I will. If I want to indulge in an adult beverage in the comfort of my own home, on or off-camera… guess what? It’s legal, so I can.”

“FYI,” she went on to add, taking a clear shot at Ryan, “street drugs (heroin), non-prescription drugs, and slander are illegal.”

“Some people need help learning to worry about themselves and their own family,” Maci went on to say. “I hope those people get the help they need- and that’s definitely directed at Mackenzie.”

For more of what Maci had to say, make sure to check out the explosive interview in Celeb Magazine.