The Como Brothers Imagination Review

Worth A Listen!

Singer-Songwriter duo “The Como Brothers” are planning to release a new album titled “Imagination” on August 10th. While ti’s always special for a group to release a new album, this one is extra special for them as they produced it with Graham Marsh, who has worked with Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green, and others. So how does their album hold up?

Como Brothers Imagination Review

The album opens with “Good Enough For Me.” Sonically, it sounds a bit like John Mayer‘s “Waiting On The World To Change.” Interestingly, it should be noted, I made this comparison before finding out that the John Mayer Band keyboardist, Andy Burton, is featured on their album as a special guest. I liked the upbeat nature of the song and found myself bopping my head along to it. I also enjoyed the vocals and found the duo to have good voices comparable to anything on the radio right now.
“Tell You I’m Fine” is the next track on the album and features a summery, upbeat vibe. I particularly liked the verses on this song, as they had a rap-esque feel to them, even though they were being sung. Again, I found myself bopping my head along and enjoying the laid back vibes that were coming through my speakers.
“Imagination,” which appears as the closer to the album, prominently features the piano and has a Coldplay-like quality to it. I enjoyed the smooth vocals that the duo presented again, and I particularly liked the strikingly honest lyrics, especially when hey sang, “You say you’re leaving, I don’t want you to.” The statement is simple, yet raw, and factors beautifully into this number.
Other songs featured on the album are Maroon 5 sounding “Chemicals” and the upbeat “Make My Heart Move.”
With “Imagination,” The Como Brothers demonstrate that they definitely are talented and working with the right people. The only criticism I could possibly give this album is that there isn’t a standout radio track to me; however, sometimes this can be a positive thing, as it forces fans to listen to the album and appreciate each song together.
When “Imagination” is released in August, I’d highly recommend you give it a listen.
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