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Sam Role- Here’s My Thoughts On MAFS Season 4 Finale

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We are so lucky to have Married At First Sight alum Sam Role blogging her thoughts on this season of Married At First Sight with us. What did Role think of this week’s finale? Read on to see!

Sam Role MAFS Season 4 Finale Exclusive Blog

Wow, can you believe that Decision Day is here?! I can’t! I feel like I blinked and BAM! Here we are! So, this Decision Day is the first to only have two couples make it to the final week. I love all of these couples- and I mean all of them! All six of these people have put their hearts on the line, putting their faith in these experts and that is not something to take lightly. No matter how things turned out, they all have a little piece of strength inside of them that hundreds of thousands of people don’t have…the strength to marry a stranger.


Lilly & Tom:


So Lilly and Tom have made it to Decision Day!  Lilly is a little on edge and can’t sleep in the days leading up to Decision Day because this is a huge decision to make. It takes me back to my own Decision Day and the moments leading up to that emotional moment. It’s nail biting and nerve-wrecking, and honestly I don’t know how I kept anything down because my nerves took over entirely!


The week of, Lilly and Tom are given homework. The assignment is to come up with a vision board of their future and how they see it. This is such an amazing exercise and one that I think I would like to complete with a significant other. This homework really allows them to talk about all the important things in their relationship. Both Tom and Lilly discuss the option of kids and being interested in adopting, as well as having their own children. Sounds like Decision Day is going to be a no-brainer, right? Well, not so fast!


Tom is really thinking hard about the choice that he will be making in less than a week and he is torn. Lilly also had to do some deep thinking, but it seems like Tom had a couple of deeper concerns on his mind. This couple was like a fairytale from the start! From the beginning, with the rain on their wedding day, to the immediate sparks that ignited at first sight, this couple has been amazing to watch. They remind me of Courtney and Jason— adorable, loving, and kind. Let’s be real here, every couple has their ups and downs and that’s normal because they are different people, but these couples were matches made in Married at First Sight Heaven.


Fast forward to the night before Decision Day. Both Lilly and Tom are feeling the pressure of the big decision they are going to make in less than 12 hours that will ultimately change the rest of their lives. Lilly decides to break the ice and have some fun by matching Tom’s outfit. Such a cute thing to do to make light of the serious situation. These two are falling in love and we can all see it! Both Lilly and Tom decide to meet up with friends and discuss how they are feeling before they make the 2nd biggest decision of their lives. They are both given great advice. After speaking with friends, they decide to exchange gifts with each other. What’s so amazing are the words that they exchange and the love you can feel pouring out from the screen. But no matter what has been said, Tom still has some uncertainties and I can see that Lilly is a little frazzled about it.


When Decision Day finally arrives, both of them look like they are on the edge. Once the experts ask if they would like to stay married or get a divorce, Lilly has some sincere things to say and then reveals that she…wants to stay married! Tom responds with kind words and says he would also like to stay married! Now, I wasn’t really shocked at their responses. I was a little worried when I saw Tom saying that he was contemplating everything, but I also think that it shows how serious this is to him and that’s commendable. Both of them are dedicated to each other and their bond. Congrats to this amazing couple! I am so happy for you both.



Sonia & Nick:


These two are such a good pair and they have been fighting so hard to make this work, but they have had a few rollercoasters in the middle. As we have seen, things have been a little bumpy along the way, but both of them have really stayed focused on the relationship and making things work. Sonia and Nick are also given the assignment to complete a vision board.


Sonia says that she can really see some great things that Nick brings to the table, but she is still guarded and I can’t blame her. I was really interested to see how their vision board would turn out. They discussed a future, and it was nice to watch both of them have that conversation. I really got hooked to this couple’s story because in a strange kind of way, it reminded me of Neil and I! I could relate to this couple. Plus, did you see the hilarious shirts Sonia was wearing?! We’re like two peas in a pod.


Anyway, Nick and Sonia both meet with friends to discuss their relationship. I’m kind of worried at this point…both of them are on the fence. But then, Dr. Pepper and Rachel speak with Sonia about moving back in and she does! Yay!! Nick is excited and gives Sonia a photo album of pictures they have taken together. It was a really sweet gift to give to her and it really shows that Nick was thinking of her while she was staying at her place.


The night before Decision Day has come and things are looking positive for Sonia and Nick. They go out for a romantic dinner and they discuss their future. This comforts Sonia a little bit. I just see how much Sonia wants it to work. Everyone communicates differently and in my experience it’s important to figure out each other’s love language. Nick is really starting to realize how quickly the big decision day is approaching and he is verbalizing how he feels. But will it be enough to convince Sonia that she can trust Nick?


When the day arrives, it starts to sink in that the experiment is finally ending. It’s now time for these couples to decide whether they are going to stay married or not (I totally read that in the narrator’s voice in my head)! Ok really, today is the day for Sonia and Nick. So many things have happened this season with these two that I am sitting on the edge of my seat. Neither of them know what to expect from the other. Rachel asks both of them what they have learned and they share what they have learned from each other. Nick tells Sonia that he thinks they have come a long way and that he would like to…stay married!


I was really happy to hear that he wanted to continue the marriage. But then, I watched and waited to see what Sonia would say. She has had so much to think about. She says that there have been ups and downs, but I think that she really believes in this process and the marriage. Then she responds and says she would also like to stay married!! I am excited for these two! They are amazing people and I am so thankful that they let us watch their journey.



Heather & Derek:


I am glad that we got to see a little bit more about this couple.  The have both moved on and are happy with where they are.  Both of them say that they learned a lot about themselves and this process and that’s really the most important thing you can do. They both look happy and healthy and I wish them nothing but the best!


This was such an amazing season and I look forward to meeting the next crazy, courageous, and hopeful group of people who take this huge leap of faith!


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