Kail Lowry Eloping

Kail Lowry Eloping?


This morning we reported how Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry opened up about a bunch of rumors that have been surrounding her the past few weeks (read about that here). After responding to the rumors, could Lowry be eloping and getting married again? Read on for details!

Kail Lowry Eloping?

This morning, Lowry was involved in a conversation with friends on Twitter when one of her girlfriends, Sierra Bardwell, tweeted “wait, I thought I was the only one?” This was followed with lots of LOL’s, clearly indicating it was a joke.

Rebecca Hayter, who Lowry exclusively confirmed to us is just a friend and not someone she is dating (read about that here), then joined in with saying, “Sierra: 2 Becky: 1.”

Lowry then joined back in the conversation, saying, “actually, Sierra and I are eloping in Hawaii.”

Here is a copy of the Twitter exchange:

Kail Lowry Eloping

While Lowry and her friends were clearly having a fun time joking around in their conversation, it’s nice to see Lowry having some lighthearted times after all of the rumors she confronted last night.

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