Opinion: Why I Don't Believe RHONJ Has A New Episode Tonight

 To be honest, it didn't initially strike me as odd that the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" didn't have a new episode tonight. I swore that it was due to the Labor Day weekend, and didn't give it a second thought. While stuck in the hospital, though, I've had more time than ever to watch Bravo and started to...

So Many New Projects In The Works

 Dear Readers,Hey guys, it's me. Real Mr. Housewife! I don't write about myself much, but I wanted to update you about some of the exciting new projects that are coming my way. There's a few more that I'm gonna hold off on spilling the beans on for a while, but I wanted to definitely give you the official scoop...

Sign a Petition to Support Gay Marriage

Today and tomorrow are super important. The US Supreme Court will be hearing cases regarding same sex marriage. There are events happening all across the nation to show support, but you can also sign a petition at this link. It's what Sonja would want you to do.

Good morning!

Good morning all! Hope you have a great day and can't wait to share today's exciting news with you!


Welcome all! I've been talking about it for a LONG time and here it finally is- the official Real Mr. Housewife blog. Yes, I'm the one you talk to on twitter @realmrhousewife & follow on facebook at This blog is going to feature discussions about EVERYTHING I love- be it housewives, other TV shows, music, theater, fashion, beauty, etc. I...