Making A Murderer

Making A Murderer

Steven Avery's Ex-Fiance: He Is Guilty

Steven Avery Ex Fiance

Breaking! It seems the entire world is talking about Steven Avery and the Netflix documentary Making A Murderer. Yesterday, it was announced that Avery is appealing the decision that landed him behind bars. Fresh on the heels of that, a clip of a new interview of Avery's ex-fiance, Jodi Stachowski, with Nancy Grace surfaced- and, in the chi, Stachowski shockingly says Avery is GUILTY of murdering Teresa Haibach....

Steven Avery Files Appeal To Get Charges Dismissed

Making A Murderer Season 2

Appeal Filed! This past week, EVERYONE has been talking about Netflix's Making A Murderer, the documentary that chronicles the story of Steven Avery. Avery was falsely convicted of a rape that he served 18 years in prison for and, then, convicted after his release for the murder of Teresa Haibach. The documentary shows a lot of evidence showing why Avery might have, yet again,...