Craig and Brandon Newlyweds

Craig and Brandon Newlyweds Interview

Exclusive Interview!

We fell in love with Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati even before they were even featured on this season of Bravo’s hit show, Nelyweds: The First Year. These two guys make everyone around them smile, with their positive and uplifting attitudes. That’s why they compliment each other so well. So far this season on the show, we have seen Craig and Brandon get married, deal with problems on their honeymoon, and help to expand Brandon’s sisters beautiful family. They have shared some of the most emotional moments of their lives so far, and the season’s just beginning! What can viewers expect throughout the rest of the season & what were their thoughts about sharing their first year of marriage on TV? I caught up with them to chat about all of that and more! Check it out!

Craig and Brandon Newlyweds Interview

Q: What made you both decide to put your first year of marriage on TV?

Craig: “It was me! I was the one that was more immediately accepting of the opportunity. Brandon had a lot of hesitations because he hasn’t been in front of a camera as much as me, or in the public eye… so it was a more vulnerable experience for him at the start, but i’m really proud of him!”

Q: What was your favorite parts of your wedding day?

Brandon: “My favorite parts were our mothers walking us down the aisle and our vows. When you get married everything is such a whirlwind, there’s so much going on! We watched it with everyone else, that was the first time we got to see it… seeing it and living it is two totally different things!”

Craig: “The thing that I loved the most I think would be the wedding cake. A cheat meal is very important to me! As a fitness expert, if i’m gonna have it… i’m gonna have it good!”

Q: What were you thinking during your honeymoon? It seemed like a very crazy experience!

Craig: “I was thinking as we were experiencing the honeymoon, I really f’d up! With the cameras there, I honestly didn’t even really realize they were there because we were in an environment that was very uncomfortable for two gay men on their honeymoon to experience. Also, I was really concerned about Brandon knowing that he has post traumatic stress syndrome from being literally tortured for being gay. So, my concern was making sure Brandon was OK and figuring out how the hell I was gonna make up for this one.”

Brandon: “It was so stressful for me that I actually forgot cameras were there. I forgot that there was anyone else there except for Craig and I, and the people staying at the campsite. Here’s the thing, they thought we would be a straight couple coming into the campsite. The people were very excited that we were gonna be there… until they saw us. When I finally decided to do the show, it was to show people what it was like to be a same-sex married couple and some of the things that we go through. One of the things, even being married there are still places where I don’t dare hold his hand or kiss him. I actually love that it was captured in the show.”

Craig: “Even though it was difficult during the day, but we still rocked it in that tent at night! We’re newlyweds so of course we’re gonna do it!” 😉

Q: What is the current situation with your last names?

Craig: “Ramsays have generations behind us and it was something that I discussed with Brandon early on about having one last name for our family. Maybe I misinterpreted that as thinking that when we marry that’s us starting our family, and I think the discrepancy is that Brandon feels he will change his name once kids are involved. You’ll definitely have to stay tuned because that’s something that’s repeatedly addressed. It’s definitely discussed throughout the series, which I think a lot of people, gay or straight, can relate to.”

Brandon: “I still won’t change it for my business. My business will always stay the same.”

Q: What was the experience like when you decided to help your sister/sister-in-law expand her family?

Craig: “When Jen asked me if I would be willing to donate, it was a no brainer for me because as two gay men, we are very sensitive to the fact that we know what goes into creating an LGBT family. I felt it was a responsibility that I simply must do. Now, Brandon kept reminding me of the emotions that I might have attached to this process. I don’t know if it was a combo of having ADD or just needing to survive the experience, but I put all of those emotions aside.”

Brandon: “What’s interesting about this episode is that there’s been people out there talking about the fact that she’s my sister. First of all… she’s my sister, but she’s not Craig’s sister! Some people seem to be confused about that. Genetically, it’s OK! The reason why they asked Craig, because unlike a lot of people that actually are trying to create their family, they have a son already and the donor that they had for their son was unavailable. So, in the process for searching for a donor… it came down to them wanting to actually know somebody’s medical background. They know his history, they know that he’s not abusing drugs… they know he’s creative and smart, and these are personality qualities that they wanted instilled in their children.”

Q: Brandon, how did you feel when your sister sent you the message that the results were negative?

Brandon: “I was heartbroken for her. Bree and I have a really special bond. She really worked on herself, and when she couldn’t do that… it broke my heart.”

Q: What is the current situation with that & how did she feel about sharing that on television?

Craig: “It’s definitely something that is continued and to be announced, but in the moment that I was watching Bree’s disappointment, it concerned me on an emotional level and a mental level… I kept thinking that I know her age and all of the other factors that go into a woman being pregnant, and I was concerned if she was going to be able to do this.”

Q: You both have shared your thoughts and feelings on the show about having children of your own, so what is the current situation with that?

Craig: “My Mum’s a twin! My Aunt is like a second Mummy to me: I call them Mummy and Mummy 2! So, twins have always been a goal of mine… but, it wasn’t really on my radar until we started trying for Bree to have her family. I think there’s something when you get married, even as two gay men, that settles you. Now that I don’t have to go on dates and worry about petty relationship drama, I want to expand our family. The only downfall with us is that there are different priorities with us, that you’ll see throughout the series.”

Q: What can viewers expect throughout the rest of the series, because it’s only the beginning of the season!

Brandon: “We are just getting this party started! Expect to see a lot of love, a lot of insight into what our first year of marriage is like, and you can expect to see some coffee tables flip! And you’ll definitely see a few housewives!”

Craig: “I think they can expect to see what our relationship is as two gay men. We don’t ever want to call ourselves role models, because I don’t think that’s possible to classify yourself as. All we can do is be ourselves and be vulnerable enough to let people in.”

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